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KG_Panzerschreck 11-29-2021 03:14 PM

Hello all. Was wondering if anyone checks in here.

If youre not using FB, just letting you know a lot of us are over there and we have a dedicated private page just for us to keep in contact.

I hope you are all well.

If interested in joing FB you can find me under the name Kent A. Snyder. :salute[1]:

KG_Jag 01-15-2022 09:47 PM

Hi Kent--was finally able to sign in after multiple unsuccessful attempts. I don't do Facebook/Meta. Hope all our KG brothers are doing well in these very difficult times.

KG_Swampfox 03-21-2022 08:47 PM

Hey gang,
I show my face now and again
Iím on FB @ Pat clancey
Hope this finds you well

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