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KG_SSpoom 01-31-2014 02:34 PM

Combat Mission "Red Thunder"
For those East Front purists.....
Its almost here...



I already pre-ordered it.

PBEM games are pretty easy with CM2 there is a community made program called H2Hhelper that works with dropbox to seamlessly transfer the turns.

KG_Werfer 02-04-2014 04:15 PM

Graphics look much improved, far better than the earlier CM titles that I had and enjoyed way back.

Am sure you CM fans will have a blast with this newer version SSpoomy.

KG_Koz 03-16-2014 02:25 PM

So....who all is planning to pre-order CMRT? I'm thinking about it and am considering getting CMBN immediately so I can get started immediately.

I don't recall the specifics but I never liked shock force. From what i have read it sounds like the current engine is much improved CMRT is expected to bring additional upgrades.

KG_SSpoom 03-17-2014 10:18 AM

I have them all I even learned to enjoy cmsf. I already pre ordered Red Thunder.
All the titles are now way more polished than when they came out.

KG_Jag 03-23-2014 03:21 PM

Also a lot more expensive; come in much smaller bites; still missing some CM x1 features (e.g. tank riders not in until Red Thunder); and paid upgrades.

Regardless, let us know what you see as the good and bad of CM x 2 to date--as well as when RT arrives.

KG_Koz 03-24-2014 07:38 PM

Hi Bill,

No need for anyone to wait for us to list good/bad comments, everyone can download the demo for CMBN:


I spent last weekend reading the manual (approx 200 page pdf) and playing one game as American.

Some observations:
- yup, its much more expensive. I have no idea if the amount of programming justifies the price but if I get hooked on CMX2 it will be worth it.
- I have no problem with the paid upgrades, they are not a requirement but it is an advantage that eventually CMBN will have the same engine as Red Thunder.
- command heirarchy is much more complicated than CMX1 but it seems like a good system once one is comfortable with it
- Relative spotting is very different but seems cool. I am having a hell of a time trying to discern who is firing at my units! Last nite I lost a tank from an AT gun but I could not determine where the damn thing was located because the tank's crew was KIA. Later, I found that it was tucked into a group of trees that only had LOS to the specific location I rolled the Sherman into. In CMX1 the AT gun location would have been shown to all.
- CMX2 is more "fiddly" than CMX1, it takes slightly more time to plot. I think this will improve quite a bit once I am more adept with the revised camera controls plus hotkeys but my gut feeling is that the enormous multiple battalion epic battles that were so cool in CMX1 may be overwhelming.
- on board mortars seem straightforward, I have not looked into off-board yet. However, over the weekend some heavy arty was dropping on the German defenders. I didn't call for it so either my CO called for it (without my input!) or German arty was very off-target
- the text within the user interface is really small, small enough that I need to lean forward to see it. Unfortunately, I'm getting old and getting too close to the screen doesn't work as well as it used to....its only a matter of time till I get bifocals!

I encourage everyone to download the demo and give it a chance. Spend some time reading the posts on the Battlefront forum.

I'm willing to commit to purchasing CMBN immediately and putting in a pre-order for Red Thunder but i'd like to know that some of you guys are likely to follow. Id also be OK just getting the Red Thunder pre-order if nobody wants to spring for both immediately.

KG_Koz 03-24-2014 08:54 PM

CMBN tactics from a real Lt. Col.
While waiting for my daughter's dance class to end (dance dad, haha), I just finished watching the second episode of this series:


This is great stuff, I recommend you check it out. At a minimum, watch the second episode. There is no way you guys can watch this without getting the itch to dive into CMX2!

Off to episode 3!

KG_Jag 03-25-2014 02:26 AM

I downloaded and tried the first release version of the CMBN demo. Didn't like it much. Will give CM x 2 another try if they issue a RT demo and time permits. Lots of family stuff going on with my Aunt in rehab and moved up here from 2 counties south.

Just wait until your eyes top 6 decades!

KG_SSpoom 04-04-2014 06:15 PM

Red Thunder is now out....
Bill, the first evolution of CM2 was terrible.
I quit playing it in a few weeks.
The game engine is much improved over the early versions, and well worth annother look.
Koz is right the armmchair general CM series is excellent and well worth a watch.

KG_Koz 04-04-2014 08:32 PM

I'm downloading it now!

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