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Nice to see you again Swamp. Guess the Reserves duty has finally ended? Got the retirement part there now?

I forget your 1st name and my deepest apologies.. Remember all those years chatting and playing CC/CM with you and the fun, but it has slipped..

Doing some better here, permanently disabled, overcame "most" of the initial stroke immediate affects, but left with neurological issues. S/T memory, walking, seizures, some other things as a result and have developed a few others as a result later on, but doing as well as can and not complaining.

I started playing CC again 2-3 years ago, PeG-WW2/PG2 before that to try gaming again with nothing to do. CM was out. too much to try and remember, as well as even the movement and graphics was hard on me.

Anyway.. Stumbled onto the site again and glad found it.. Was looking to get active with at least chatting with the old comrades again. You, Frank, Rob, Steve, Kent, Soldier, Bill, Starfury and others not coming to mind right away.
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